How to Eliminate Wasps

Wasps could offer a huge variety of benefits. This includes pollinating flowers. However, you might have no option but to kill them when a nest builds up near your workplace or home. 


Here are several various methods that you could use. But, if the nest is already big and DIY solutions are not enough, it is better to call a pest exterminator in Austin. 

Whack the Wasps 

The most direct and easiest method to get rid of a wasp is to swat it using your flyswatter. Though, this method only works if you are attempting to kill a few wasps. This method also comes with advantages and disadvantages.  

  • Keep in mind that this is really a very dangerous method. Wasps are fast. You are probably to get stung if you have reflexes that are slow. Of course, a wasp will defend itself when it is threatened.  

Sweep or Vacuum Away the Wasps 

You could eliminate the wasp by sucking them up with your vacuum cleaner or sweeping them out using your broom, only if they are tired and crawling around your floor.  

  • It’s recommended to do this as soon as you can when the spring arrives. This is the time when the wasp will come out of their hibernation. They appear to be sluggish and slow. This makes it simpler to kill them and sweep them away.  

Hide Appealing Sources of Food and Relocate your Flowers 

Drinks, food, and flowers could all captivate wasps. Eliminate wasps by getting rid of the reason why they should stay there. Reposition flowers away from your home and hide your drinks and food.  

  • Place potted plants away from the home. Do not use floral or sweet soaps, lotions, shampoos, or perfumes. 
  • Hide all human food and animal food. Alcohol and soda too. Don’t let it stay outside, especially during summer. The sugar and protein could entice the wasps.  

Create a Natural Pesticide Using Peppermint Oil 

There are several pesticides that are made from natural ingredients (such as peppermint oil) that you could purchase in the market. However, you can try creating your own at your house if you want to save some money or can’t find one in the market. Here’s how to do it. 

  • Mix 30 drops of essential peppermint oil with two cups of water in a bottle of spray. Spray this mixture on the nests and on the wasps. 
  • Consider blending two tablespoons of dish soap or shampoo into the bottle of spray too. The soap would ensure that the essential oil will stick around. 

Get rid of the Wasp using Soapy Water 

A mixture of dish soap and hot water could instantly kill wasps when directly sprayed on them. 

  • Add two cups of water to two up to four tablespoons of liquid dish soap in a bottle of spray. Directly spray on wasps and on their nest. 
  • You could attack their nest more easily if you utilize a hose sprayer end.